Why implants?
Dental implantology offers a wide range of solutions to replace missing teeth. Adapted to each case, these solutions allow you to improve the quality of your life, your smile and your self-confidence.
Dental Implantology is the single most important development in everyday dental practice in the last 50 years. They are a solution to restore aesthetics and function almost as perfectly as natural teeth.
  • Implants are artificial roots which act like natural teeth. You do not feel almost any difference
  • Implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible material, not rejected by the human body
  • Implants maintain natural bone by stabilising bone levels in the jaw and minimising further bone loss
  • Implants are inserted through a quick and minimally invasive procedure
  •  Unlike conventional dental bridges, the healthy adjacent teeth are left untouched and are easy to clean
  • Implants are anchored into the jawbone. In turn the prosthesis is fixed to the implant. This configuration provides stability and comfort unlike dentures which generally do not fit properly, create social embarrassment if they fall out whilst eating, induce gum inflammation due to friction, create chewing imbalances and more often than not create speech impediments.
  • With proper care and an oral hygiene program, implants are durable solutions for the restoration of your smile.