Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Don’t ignore missing teeth!
As people live longer and have more active lives, losing even a single tooth prematurely can be extremely upsetting. The loss of any tooth is a cosmetic and a functional problem but it may also become a long term health issue. In fact, the teeth do not function alone. They are part of an integrated and complex neuro-skeletal-muscular system, where each component plays an important role. Every single tooth ensures, for example that the remaining teeth stay aligned, which in turn allows for the correct chewing of foods. When a tooth is missing, healthy teeth tend to change position, which may cause occlusion and articulation disorders in the future. Missing teeth also cause a loss of bone from the jaws, because the bone is no longer stimulated during chewing which often results in further tooth loss.
Physical changes in Facial appearance are also frequent as a result of bone loss and/or the collapse of the cheeks and lips into these spaces which teeth previously occupied. People often look older than they really are and in extreme cases develop speech impediments .

Dental Implants 2
Dental Implants

Smile Makeovers & Teeth Whitening

Smile Makeovers & Teeth Whitening

Our high quality Metal Free materials ensure the longevity of your Nobel Procera Crowns and Veneers. Do you have a cosmetically demanding case? We offer highly aesthetic Zirconia and Alumina for everything from a single tooth to a full arch of teeth. 
A five-year product warranty on all Nobel Procera Crowns and Bridges guarantees to replace products at no additional charge. Every Nobel Biocare restoration is CE-marked and FDA Approved. Every Nobel Procera Crown and Bridge comes with an authenticity label. You can be confident that you’re getting an original Nobel Procera product and that the traceability of each product is guaranteed.
The Diode Dental Laser is at the cutting edge of technology. It is the most advanced teeth whitening method available to you and has transformed the appearance of thousands of our patients.  Even if  your teeth are deeply stained, yellowed or grey in colour, Diode Laser Teeth Whitening will give you a guaranteed result ! The procedure is completed in just 20 minutes with no post-operative sensitivity as opposed to older less advanced methods. Since teeth whitening only works on your natural tooth enamel, it is important for us to evaluate your old white fillings, crowns, or other aesthetic restorations prior to treatment. Replacement of your discoloured and old restorations or fillings will be done 1 week after whitening to match the colour of your newly whitened teeth.  

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Stem Cell Harvesting and Storage

Stem Cell Harvesting and Storage

“StemSave is a collaboration of Dentists and stem cell researchers who want to give families a convenient and reliable way to benefit from emerging new healthcare treatments. By enrolling in our international program, you and your Dentist can preserve your family’s vital stem cells in the event of future disease or injury.
Like "biological insurance," storing Dental Stem Cells gives you and your family the option to choose the most advanced medical treatments available in the years ahead, when you may need them most. Best of all, StemSave makes this option simple and affordable in two easy steps. When your child's baby tooth becomes loose, or when a dental professional recommends that you or a family member has a tooth or wisdom teeth removed, this is your opportunity to secure stem cells through StemSave.”
* Information: www.stemsave.com

Microbiological Profiling of Oral Diseases

Microbiological Profiling of Oral Diseases

Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis are infectious diseases. Their major cause is a unique group of perio-pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria actively destroy tissue, cause inflammatory reactions and in the end, are responsible for the loss of teeth and implants. To ensure long-term success, therapy requires a targeted elimination of these bacteria. State of the art Hain Life-Sciences International Testing Systems represent the optimal basis for the design of individual therapy which is normally a combination of mechanical forms of therapy and adjunctive systemic or local Antibiotic administration. In depth microbiological studies significantly increases the success rate of therapy whilst the relapse rate is dramatically reduced.

Microbiological Profiling of Oral Diseases

Pain Free Laser Dentistry !

Pain Free Laser Dentistry

Are you scared of going to the Dentist because you’ll hear the dreaded drill screeching in your ear? Or maybe you are terrified of the needle — and who likes leaving the dental office with a droopy or puffy face? These dental fears and anxieties can be minimized with a WaterLase Laser. The WaterLase is a dental laser that enables us to use minimal and in some cases even no anesthetic or drills to perform many routine dental procedures!


The importance of a healthy smile
A healthy and natural smile has a considerable positive impact on your appearance, daily life and self-confidence. Today, millions of people all over the world are affected by missing, decayed and poorly aligned teeth attributed to natural ageing processes, accidents and trauma, disease and many other factors. Regardless of the causes, poor oral health has a devastating impact on the quality of your life and your general wellbeing. Poor oral health restricts the pleasure of eating your favourite foods and often affects your social relationships. In more extreme cases you may feel incapable or embarrassed to smile.
We are here to ensure that you always have a healthy, radiant smile or to build a new smile for you !




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Need to Finance your procedure?

First Health Finance specialises in medical payment plans, this ensures that plastic surgery; cosmetic dental surgery and many other procedures are now affordable to everyone. The surgical finance application process will take less than two minutes, and one of FHF's expert consultants will assist you throughout the process. www.fhf.co.za.

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In the Media & Social Welfare Partnerships

We are committed to the smile foundation to provide Maxillofacial Prosthetics for destitute "shack fire" burn victims in the form of clinical care, design, manufacture and fitment of implant and non-implant supported Facial prostheses ! Enquire as to how you can make a difference to those that are less fortunate than us.


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